About Helm

Helm Management Services Ltd. team members are well known as innovators and have built a solid reputation for successfully assisting clients as they strategically transition their organizations to meet future requirements. Of particular note is our extensive experience in shipbuilding, ship construction, repair & overhaul, ship refit, maintenance, marine operations and advanced power generation and propulsion systems for all sizes of marine vessels.

Helm Management Services Ltd. is ideally positioned to provide these services on an ongoing basis. In addition to its principals and staff, the company has access to a large pool of marine professionals that can be engaged, as required, to execute work scopes.

Key resources that Helm Management Services Ltd. can provide are marine engineers, technical inspectors, marine surveyors, contract and tender specialists, Project Managers, business consultants, and operations professionals. These resources provide the ability to closely monitor and control projects which will result in reduced project costs, as well as improved project schedules and work quality.

Helm Management Services Ltd.’s experience facilitates private industry processes and best practices to be applied to government build projects, dockings and other planned maintenance activities.  Additionally, the Helm Management Services Ltd. team has extensive expertise related to Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy, the Canadian Coast Guard, Classification Society Regulations and interaction with inspectors, surveyors, shipyards, and government procurement processes.

Helm Management Services Ltd. provides technical advice in the areas of ship construction, repair, refit, and maintenance, and providing advice on strategies, processes, best practices, and trends in the marine industry. This advice is based on extensive industry experience as well as comparing business processes and performance metrics to industry leaders and best practices from other companies. In addition to operational experience on ships Helm Management Services Ltd. has substantial expertise with the development of specifications and the execution of refits and work scopes.  Some examples of the areas of unique knowledge and technical advice include:

  • Leading the introduction and integration of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) into marine fleets to streamline schedules and costs.
  • Development of maintenance plans including, effort, associated cost and timing based on industry best practice, benchmarking and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recommendations.
  • In depth knowledge and usage of maintenance, vessel management, and database systems including but not limited to Maximo, Main Intelligence, SafeNet, NS2, SIS and AMOS.
  • Providing advice on and development of modern construction and repair techniques for ships.
  • Development of advanced marine power generation and propulsion systems to reduce emissions and fuel consumption and advice on strategies and techniques to adopt and implement those technologies.
  • Technical consultation to the Canadian Coast Guard’s Integrated Technical Services Group (ITS) to optimize refit and maintenance processes as well as contracting procedures.
  • Development and configuration of advanced technology for marine deployment, including software, hardware and automation systems related to hybrid technology and other efficiency, reliability and performance enhancing systems including variable speed generators.
  • Development of testing strategies, as well as the associated monitoring and measurement methodologies required for user acceptance and commissioning of vessels. 
  • Identification of the best firms in industry utilizing desired or similar processes, and comparing those to the current clients existing systems in order to evaluate potential for change.
  • Project management for multi-million-dollar initiatives for major corporations and specialized industries including responsibility for selection, planning and delivery of those projects.
  • Operations management in the marine, engineering, and technology spaces.
  • Development, implementation and management of a number of performance analysis projects on marine platforms including business intelligence data collection and analysis strategies for multiple clients.